Bullfish is a true mom-and-pop production shop now that the "fish" portion of our name has arrived! We've built an amazing team that is made up of the best and most talented of those we have worked with over the years. We love the family atmosphere we've cultivated, but we also have plenty of experience in the bigger production and studio world, and can draw from the approach that best fits your project, large or small. Our team has made and worked on indie and studio features, television pilots, commercials, music videos and short subject DVD and web pieces - the variety keeps us inspired and excited, and we approach each project with creativity and fresh ideas. Bullfish will help you develop your idea or take one that is ready to go and run with it. Then we'll handle all the post-production fun - sound, editing, graphics, color - and help you get it out there through our own online distribution platform, or by creating whatever deliverables you require for another outlet. Let's make something!