With 12 years under his belt in the entertainment graphics field, Donavan specializes in feature title work, commercial graphics and creating logos,and has designed everything from iTunes extras, iTunes LPs, Blu-ray and DVD menus. He's created imaginative and distinctive graphic designs for all genres of film, television and DVDs. An expert in AfterEffects, Photoshop and Illustrator, he has worked with high-budget/high-profile clients as well as no-budget/small indies, and he brings the same high energy and cheerful approach to each one. He can come up with a huge variety of concepts with little direction, or find just the perfect match for your complex, specific vision. His creativity can also be seen through his work as a production designer on some indie projects.

Having worked both behind and next to the camera (as an AD), Nic has that unique quality of being able to contribute to all sides of a production, left- and right-brained alike. A gifted collaborator, he also has integrity of vision which makes him an ideal teammate on a shoot. He understands the technical side of filming, both on film and HD formats, but has an artistic eye and a respect for beautiful images. He is able to capture whatever the script calls for, regardless of budget constraints, and can creatively adapt his plan in order to accommodate the schedule and other practical needs. On a small production team, that is an immense gift.